Gratitude- Families Can Be Together Forever

Just over a year ago, my cousin Brian passed away, unexpectedly, at a young age. Four days ago my dear uncle Jim, Brian’s father, passed away after a long battle with cancer. Such losses can be crushing for a family without the perspective that comes through God’s plan of happiness for us.

Uncle Jim and his wife Diane married over 50 years ago in the temple of the Lord. In that sacred edifice, they made and have kept special covenants with God which will allow their marriage vows to stay binding after this life. These special covenants and ordinances in the Lord’s house not only bind husband and wife together eternally, but also bind children to their parents in an everlasting family unit.

The beautiful doctrine of eternal families is more than hopeful rhetoric. God has blessed me with strong convictions that the priesthood power to “seal” families together, in the holy temples of the Lord, is real. I know that with all of my heart and have received much comfort and hope from this spiritual truth. Such eternal family bonds are available to all who desire and prepare for these great blessings.

The Salt Lake City Temple


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    Todd & Karen Shepherd May 2, 2017

    What a beautiful temple this is!
    We love you Kevin The Shepherds

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    Dick Welker May 4, 2017

    Sorry that you have lost special people in your life. Knowing the beauty of the next life as described by prophets gives us all a positive perspective and softens the impact of such losses.

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