All Things Denote…..Refining Our Rough Edges

All things denote there is a God. Indeed God’s symbolisms and lessons are all around us as we make our daily walk.

Normally in a snapshot, the shutter of a camera is open for a brief time, perhaps 1/125th of a second. This relatively “fast” shutter freezes the action over a brief segment of time. But the image in this post was taken with a slower than normal shutter speed… 4 seconds. Captured at 1/125th of a second, the surface of the water would have shown irregularities and a degree of roughness. But when the surface of the water is captured over 4 seconds, the irregularities of the water’s surface melt into a smooth, glassy reflection which is peaceful to the eye.

Through this imagery, God teaches us about our own imperfections. At any given moment, a snapshot of our lives reveals irregularities and rough edges. This can be discouraging and lead us to judge others and ourselves too harshly. It is only through God’s grace, and what may appear to be a long time, that our lives can be refined and perfected in a way that is recognizable to our mortal minds. May we be patient with ourselves and with others throughout this earthly journey.

Florence, Italy


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    John Swetnam February 22, 2017


    I found this meditation absolutely beautiful not just because I like the conclusion, but because the writing itself, which incorporates the scientific technicalities of real world photography (shutter speed, low light) with the interpersonal world. I’m currently auditing a graduate poetry seminar at Portland State and this is as skillful as the work of the students in that class.

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      Kevin Miller February 22, 2017

      Hi John, it is great to hear from you. Thank you for taking time to express your kind comments regarding the post. Michelle and I are empty nesters now and I am taking a sabbatical from work while we serve a full-time, 18 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in New Jersey. We will work in Bridgeton, a small town with a large Latin population. Michelle has been gearing up her Spanish over the past few years. It will be a great time for us to serve together in this calling. I hope this is a good season for you and your family. Warm regards, Kevin

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