All Things Denote There is a God- Do You See the Grandeur?

The Milky Way from the Mojave National Preserve

The Milky Way from the Mojave National Preserve

We often go through life with our “nose to the grindstone,” missing out on the beauty that surrounds us. Even from this tiny perch in the universe, that we call earth, we can appreciate the grandeur of God’s creations. May our view be upwards and may our eyes be aware of the great blessings from God that surround us each day.


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    Syd & Susan James September 8, 2016

    You always inspire and edify with your gift of photography and your eternal insights. Thank you for the beacon of light you are this world that is steadily becoming darker.

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    Kim September 9, 2016

    Your photographs are incredible; your insights and testimony are inspirational. I’m grateful to be friends with you on Facebook (and off) so that I receive your uplifting posts. Thank you!

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