Joy in the Journey- The Present is a Gift

I love this peaceful little scene from Southern Utah. I don’t need to know the origin of this stream or its final destination to be able to appreciate the serenity and beautiful colors that are before me. In such simple, everyday settings, God teaches us to enjoy that which is before us now. It is spiritually unhealthy for us to ruminate over where we have been in the past and it is equally damaging for us to worry excessively about future concerns over which we have little control. We must trust the Lord in all things pertaining to the past and the future. He has provided the way through His atonement for us to put past issues behind us and He has provided the way for the future to work out for our good as we trust Him and follow Him. It is only in the present that we can actively feel God’s love and His influence through His Spirit. We must enjoy the present time, those things that are before us right now. It is in today that we will find joy.

Spring Creek, Southern Utah

Spring Creek, Southern Utah

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    LaNila Wong October 27, 2015

    You are an awesome photographer! I so love your pictures!!

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