Gratitude- The Saints of the Redrock Stake

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is geographically organized by stakes. We lived in the Redrock Stake for 22 years until today when our ward was transferred to the Meadows Stake. We look forward to new friendships and service opportunities with the wonderful members of the Meadows Stake.

But as we make this change, I must take a moment and express my deepest gratitude to God for many dear and close relationships in the Redrock Stake that have deeply blessed my life and the lives of my wife and sons. These special relationships have been forged through many years of meaningful and spiritual experiences together, through good times and through hard times. God bless the Saints of the Redrock Stake for all of your goodness and kindness. You have my deepest love and respect.

Las Vegas Nevada Redrock Stake Center

Las Vegas Nevada Redrock Stake Center


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    Dan Volle August 10, 2015

    Kevin, I’m sorry I had to miss the Sacrament meeting today, but we are pleased and excited to have the Cimarron Ward as part of the Meadows stake. There are some great people here and the strength that your ward brings will help bouy ius all up further.

    Dan Volle

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    Rich Wong August 10, 2015

    Welcome back Kevin & Michelle!

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