All Things Denote There is a God- The Amazing Humming Bird

Life is an absolute miracle. The divine origin of life can not be explained away by scientific evidence nor theories. Think of the lowly humming bird, a diminutive creature that only occasionally crosses our radar. The humming bird is amazing! Its tiny wings flap at a rate of 50-200 times per second, allowing them to fly backwards and upside down at up to 34 miles per hour! Their heart rate can be greater than 1,200 times per minute! To sustain this activity, they have nearly the highest metabolic rate of all animals, consuming more than their own weight in nectar each day. My limited understanding of the humming bird helps me see the miracle of life on this earth. And God’s greatest creations, man and woman, are much more complex than the little humming bird. Indeed our lives are a miracle and we are all of divine origin.

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