All Things Denote There is a God- Death, The Door to the Next World

Many in the world work to “prove” there is no God and there is no life after this earthly existence. I recently visited the grave site of my sweet mother, Karlene, who passed away in 2009. In 2011 we lost our dear son David. The loss of these precious loved ones has opened my eyes and heart more fully to the reality of life beyond this mortal journey. I know we will live in a spirit realm after this life and I know that spirit realm is closely intertwined with our current earthly sphere. There are important interchanges between these two worlds every day. Some would day that death is the end and proves there is no God. But death has had the opposite effect on me, strengthening my faith and trust in the Lord and in His eternal plan for us.



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    cristian clavijo May 20, 2014

    Thank you Brother Miller for your inspiring words!

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    Susie Sharp August 14, 2014

    When my husband Ren was alive, one year we went to Jackson Hole where one of his pieces was exhibited in the “Art in the Parks Top 100” memorial exhibition. The top prize-winning work reminds me very much of this piece: it depicted a single rose laying across one of the graves of a soldier at The Viet Nam Memorial. It was beautiful and thought-provoking, as this, but without the beautiful message.

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